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I'm a cookie which is born out of a dough, and was being sent into an oven. My mother made me a chocolate cookie so that people would like me. I'm delicious, people liked me alot. But my destiny is very cruel. I found out that i'm born to be eaten. I'm helpless and afraid. But when i knew that i will bring people's happiness, i'm not that scared already. So i decided to sacrifice myself to make people happy. Cause i know i'm the best.


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August 19, 2010


January 17, 2010

STUPID GODDAMN BROTHER!!! God I hate him so much... My life would be SO MUCH better without him. I mean, he's such a BASTARD. I think he has no feelings or whatever at all. He doesn't give a shit about what I say. Lemme tell this to you, the MOST STUPID and DUMB person in the world, YOUNG doesn't mean WEAK. If you had an idea of how I feel, I would be REALLY thankful.

By the way, I'm actually NICER than you, I'm more CARING than you, I'm CLEVERER than you, I have more COMMON SENSE than you, so all in all I'm BETTER than you. You just have to break people's hearts especially when they don't do anything to you. YOU'RE A HYPOCRITE. You're so mean to me, and in front of my friends, you say you have to keep your 'REPUTATION' and you act like as if you're a PERFECT BROTHER. Just to let you know, you're actually a WORST kind of brother anyone can have. Why don't you keep your pride first :)

Stop showing off, everyone knows I'm better off than you :D Can't you see the difference between you and me? Firstly, I'm actually KIND to people who deserve it. You're only kind to people when you think they're your STANDARDS. You're not better than them at all. In fact, you're worse, since you're a hypocrite. Secondly, 1st Deputy doesn't mean that I'm a nerd, it means that I'm more respected than you, and I EARNED that respect by working hard. I ENJOY being 1st Deputy, so your opinion actually doesn't matter at all X) Thirdly, I'm JUST BETTER THAN YOU, so YOU SHUT UP.

You're just plain selfish, stupid and greedy. A note to all your friends: TH IS A HYPOCRITE, DON'T TRUST HIM IN ANYTHING.

Anyways, enough with the stupid brother talk, moving on to school life. 1.TIRING. 2.FEEL SO MUCH LIKE GIVING UP. 3.ENJOYING TIME WITH FRIENDS ONLY.

Yeah these are the main ones, P6 life is pretty damn boring. During lesson time it's really hard to stay awake zzzZZZ.... At least I have my dear friends(and yes, of course especially you Wenyie and Jenny! ) :D Thanks for making my life so happy... I feel just so depressed at times I really want to give up everything and go to another world where I could be with only you guys! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR COMING INTO MY LIFE, and I really mean it :)

blog died(?)
January 3, 2010

Hello everybody~~ Okay it's really weird, I didn't post in my blog for a MONTH. Don't hate me hahas(well it's not like so many people read my posts...)

Okay, this year I won't be able to update my blog as much as I did last year. Thank you so much, PSLE :D...T^T As you can see I don't have my beautiful smilies, as my computer is screwed and I only can use my brother's laptop. Damn.

I don't have anything much to write now, so tata and see u all...the week after the next? BYE!

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